SBB ERS Modular towers installations

SBB ERS Modular Aluminum towers installations


These modular towers must be erected from a height and can reach up to 120 metres high. For this type of structure, we work in collaboration with SBB Emergency Toers (ERS) Division. Our team of installers was trained by this company’s technicians to perform the installation adequately and safely. Groupe Mill Services is proud to install this high-quality ultra-light Quebec product in eastern Canadian wind farms. The tower’s unique design enables us to install it in difficult areas, without requiring any heavy machinery. Furthermore, their technical support is outstanding.

Turnkey Projects

To alleviate troublesome effects on time management during your installation projects, Groupe Mill Services brings you turnkey solutions. Solutions much appreciated by many of our clients, who, throughout the process, can attend to other files that are just as important. We save our clients from having to coordinate different contractors and specialists required for the project. Groupe Mill Services takes care of everything from start to finish. After choosing the location of your future site, simply advise us of its GPS coordinates and we will take care of the rest.

Available services:


  • Licence applications
  • Authorization applications for Transport Canada and Nav Canada
  • Marking of land area to be cleared
  • Preparation of land area and access to site
  • Installation of tower foundations and base
  • Installation of anchorage systems
  • Purchase of instruments according to your scheme and specifications
  • Manufacturing of instrument supports
  • Transport of tower and its components directly to site
  • Raising of tower
  • Installation of instruments on supports
  • Installation of supports on tower
  • Tower wiring and lighting if necessary
  • Full installation report
  • Periodic inspection and maintenance visits